MP Yonadam Kanna’s meeting with a delegation from United Nations Electoral Assistance Division

On March 5, 2018, MP Yonadam Kanna met with the delegation from United Nations Electoral Assistance Division, which is visiting Iraq to stand with the procedures and logistical preparations for the parliamentary elections that will take place on May 12th, 2018. During the meeting, they discussed the challenges and obstacles that must be addressed both in Iraq as well as in diaspora. The importance of electoral participation amongst communities outside of Iraq was widely discussed and the importance of making decisions and procedures to facilitate their full participation and provide resources to freely vote without hardships or exploitation. In addition the two parties discussed the Iraqi political status post ISIS. The United Nations delegation was represented by Mr. Zoran Trajkovski, Chief of Staff of the Political Affairs Section, Election Support Department; Mr. Axel Winman, Head of the Iraqi Political Affairs Department in the Middle East and West Asia Department; and Pascal Rossi, Isabella Vitulani, and Najya Hashmi: Elections Affairs Specialists in the United Nations.