ADM Leadership visit Tesqopa, Nineveh Plain

ADM Secretary General MP Yonadam Kanna alongside Deputy Secretary General MP Imad Youkhana visited the town of Tesqopa (Teleskof). Upon arriving, the Members of Parliament were greeted by Sennacherib Branch Director Marqus Eramya, Deputy Branch Director Saher Kalah, NPU Local Commander Fuad Massoud, along with several of our Movement’s members and local residents.

The delegation was given a tour of the town in which they were led to the Church of Saint George where they met with Father Salar Bodagh. They also met with a number of dignitaries and government officials throughout their tour.

During their visit, the Movement’s delegates reviewed our people’s current situation through meetings with key figures in the town. During these meetings, residents complained about the military trenches that KRG forces are digging in agriculture lands of the town.

The delegation also discussed the problems and obstacles the town is facing, such as municipal services to serve the region and its people. Conversation also included the weak role of the Central Government in the reconstruction of the villages & towns of Nineveh Plain that were damaged under ISIS control. They concluded their visit with an inspection of the streets to promote those services needed in the region.